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Students attend a campus within their school district - with the support of a facilitating teacher, college mentors, peer mentors, and business mentors - all for free.

Online Student Registration

Get access to the Code to Success 2020 curriculum and complete the program from home – or anywhere! No requirement to attend a campus and have access to online mentors.

Rural Online

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Get access to the Code to Success 2020 curriculum even if there isn't a physical campus near you! Online mentors are provided to help you work  through the curriculum.

Peer Mentor


If you are a previous Code to Success graduate, and still want to be involved with the program, help new students (and make some money while you're at it!) apply to be a Peer Mentor! 

College Mentor


If you are currently attending a higher education institution and love coding, apply to be a paid Code to Success College Mentor and help high school students master their coding skills!

Business Mentor

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If you have an hour to spare each week and want to help Utah Students and future coders, sign up to be a business mentor at a Code to Success campus near you!

Higher Ed Partners

Code to Success has partnered with Higher Ed institutions to offer university students a 6-week boot camp. Where students will learn the basics of coding and programming for a donation cost. 

Summer Online Program

Due to COVID-19, Code to Success will not be hosting a free, On-Campus Program. However, we will host a free, Online Program for junior and high school students to participate. 

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